The perfect bridal hair on your big day

Choosing a hairdresser If you’re getting married near home, it should be easy to organise a hairdresser. However if you need to find a new hairdresser, make sure it’s someone you feel really comfortable with. When you have a trial, take a picture to see how the style works. Hairdressers will charge according to the amount of work they can do in a certain amount of time, so remember to ask about this too. Choosing your look Think about how you want to look: Do you want to look like you do now, or do you fancy yourself as a… Read more The perfect bridal hair on your big day

Where to Hire Wedding Stages in London

Why & Where To Hire Wedding Stages Every small detail of a wedding ceremony can make the difference, and planning such an event can be both exciting and overwhelming. However, the stress and frustration associated with it should never outweigh the good parts of your ceremony as it is ultimately a joyous occasion. Educating yourself on the important aspects can help you decide on certain details with ease, but hiring the right experts can help to alleviate the pressure of creating a perfect event as you leverage on their expertise and experience. Taj Wedding Services can take care of every… Read more Where to Hire Wedding Stages in London

Wedding Lights Hire London – For the Big Day

Taj Wedding Services, the Best Wedding Lights Hire, London Wedding in itself is a magical moment in anybody’s life, and what can make these moments more magical is proper lighting of the event, which can make the venue look even better and take the ambience to a much higher level. Being a resident of UK, you would get world class wedding lights hire London through us – Taj Wedding Services. We take care of lighting services and stage decorations in their entirety. We take up the responsibility of styling your wedding by bringing in class, latest technology, brightness and beauty together… Read more Wedding Lights Hire London – For the Big Day