Wedding Guest Etiquettes

Without experience and problems faced, Tajweddingservice can provide you with a list of do’s and dont’s when you go to someones marriage. There’s a lot of material out there regarding etiquette that the bride and groom should follow, but very little about wedding guest etiquette. If you’ve never been to a wedding before, the whole ordeal can be a bit confusing for the guest as well. Here are a few tips: 1. Reach Venue Spot on time! A lot of guests think “oh it’s a given that I’m going so I don’t need to Reach on time.” It really does… Read more Wedding Guest Etiquettes

5 Tips in Selecting your Wedding Dress

There are lots to think about when you shop for your wedding dress. As friends look for their own dress, Tajweddingservice, offer advise from our own experience. There are several things that we suggest before you even try a dress on. Here is our advice to you if you’re starting out for the first time: 1.Understand the different silhouettes, necklines, and price ranges. People will talk “wedding dress talk” to you so it’s easier if you understand what they’re talking about.Wedding Dress Creator lets you play around with dress styles. 2. Look online a bit to see what strikes your… Read more 5 Tips in Selecting your Wedding Dress

A Bride’s Checklist

Consider the jewellery you are wearing in other wedding & pre-wedding events. Most brides want their wedding ceremony look to be their highlight, so ensure that your wedding jewellery is different to what you wear on your other wedding events. Ways to vary your jewellery at your wedding events: -Headpieces: vary your headpieces between: jhoomer, Pakeezah jhoomer, matha-patti, tikka, nothing. E.g. If you are wearing a jhoomer on your wedding cermony, consider wear a matha-patti on your medhi. -On a pre-wedding event consider wearing just earrings & a head piece, as you are the bride do go for quality to… Read more A Bride’s Checklist

Wedding Lights Issues

hink lighting your wedding reception site means flipping on a light switch? If you want to turn your wedding site from standard to simply stunning, you’ll probably need to take a more illuminating approach to your decor. “Lighting creates a mood,” says event designers of TajWeddingServices, and when it’s done well, lighting can make everything — including your wedding flowers, cake, and guests — look better. We will now let you know some of the lighting Lingo’s which might be helpful for you to express your wedding planners, what you want for your special day. Lighting Lingo’s:: Pin spot A focused… Read more Wedding Lights Issues

Mehndi Tips for Brides to be

The hotter your palms are, the darker the mehndi colour comes out on the skin. The old wives tale goes “The darker the colour the more your husband loves you!” TajweddingServices, specialises in making top quality, fresh, natural mehndi paste to guarantee the rich bridal colour it will give to all brides. Excessive washing and lotions may affect the colour of the mehndi. · Once mehndi is applied on the skin, it may be left overnight or left on for at-least 4 hours to enhance the deepness in colour. · The mehndi can be scraped of with a payment card… Read more Mehndi Tips for Brides to be