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Office:       0203 6171 888
Mobile No.   07977 512 974
10.00am – 6.00pm

(Emergency Only No. : 07930 677713)

Terms and Conditions

All bookings are subject to the below terms & conditions
All our Quotes Must be In Writing. Quotes are valid for 7 days, unless specified.
Conditions (Lights)
We will try & install lights on or before the agreed date. Heavy rain or bad weather can delay the installation of lights. We will not work on rainy or windy days/times. This may delay the installation by a day or so, unfortunately refunds or discounts cannot be offered due to this.
We will try our best to reach all areas of the house, however, sometimes this is not always possible if a large porch/obstruction sticks out- we may not be able to put up lights above that if access is difficult/limited.
If installation of lights requires climbing on Flat roofs, or tiled roofs/surfaces, this will only be carried out at the request of the customer. Sometimes old or uneven tiles may get damaged. We will not be able to repair or replace tiles. This is to be arranged by the customer, at their own expense.
We will go up 5-6 m in height only (from the ground). Heights in excess of this can be reached using commercial Mechanical Elevating Work Platforms. Sufficient area is required to operate these safely. An additional charge is payable.
Please ensure we have sufficient ground clearance in the front garden as to place our ladder to safely install & remove lights. At least 2m clearance from the wall is required to safely place the ladder.
We will only work IF IT IS SAFE TO DO SO.
The lights will be installed securely using nails/screws or other suitable fixings, these may leave some marks/holes once taken out when lights are removed; the holes & damage caused by this is normal, and shall not be repaired by us.
The lights are usually hung from the facia board (if timber), or the gutter pipe, or the wall just under the soffit/facia board.
The drape lights are to be connected to the sockets inside the house, & cables are to run through the windows (upstairs). The windows will therefore need to remain slightly open.
If you will not allow us to take the cables through the windows, there may be a slight charge to use extra long extension leads to reach sockets wherever they may be located. In such a case, accessory lighting, floods & spots may not be offered as a precaution against theft.
If additional/accessory lights are also booked, such as rope lights, flood lights, coloured spots etc, these may be changed/replaced without notice. Discounts for such changes will not be offered, as the main charge is for the drape lights.
Accessory lights, flood & spot lights also need to be plugged inside the house through the windows. If the windows are to be closed, it is your responsibility to take the lights indoors to prevent theft. If the lights go missing, as a result of the plugs been thrown out, the replacement cost will be charged in FULL.
Removal of lights may be delayed by a few days, as we try & group together jobs from the local areas.
Conditions (Marquees)
We will try & erect the marquee on or before the agreed date. Heavy rain or bad weather can delay the installation. We may be delayed at rainy or windy days/times.
If the garden/area where the Marquee is to be setup is found very muddy/dirty – We reserve the right not to set it up. However, a cancellation fee will be charged (see below).
Any decorations hung on or from the marquee by the customer, must be removed by the customer. No adhesives / sellotapes to be used. Masking tapes, which do not leave residue, may be used.
A deposit of £20 is taken for the carpet. If the carpet requires some cleaning (e.g. a few coke spills or mud marks) after your event, this will be kept to cover the costs of cleaning. If however, the carpet is found to be extremely dirty, there may be a charge of up to £100 (max) for the cleaning or replacement of the carpet.
Important Note
Although we stock sufficient backup stock, however unforeseen events / adverse weather conditions can cause delays or cancellations from us, e.g. if our stock is damaged, or found to be faulty. In such a case, we will try our best to offer an alternative, or provide the service through a different company, the prices/charges may be different – Unfortunately, this is to be met by the customer.
For Your Assurance – Such Cases have Never Occurred.
Specifications (Drape Lights)
The drape lights are IP44 Rated (weatherproof), & are for commercial use.
By default there are 6 drape strings per 1m width, with a drop of approx. 5m.
This can be increased to 12 drape strings per 1m width for an additional charge. However most customers prefer 6 drape strings per 1m width (more than this can dazzle onlookers).
By default, we provide standard golden/white drape lights.
By default, we provide a standard drop of 5m drapes. Other drop lengths available are: 1.5m, 3m, & 7m drops.
Different colours are available, Using Industrial Wall Washers & Filters (Effects are created using standard golden/white drape lights, & by using wall washing Flood Lights). There is an additional charge for these.
Please advise us ASAP should you decide to cancel.
Cancellations for Orders under £200
Cancellations to be made giving us a 2 weeks’ notice.
There may be a cancellation charge of up to 50% of total contract value if notice of less than 2 weeks given.
Cancellations on the day will be charged at 70% of total contract value.
Cancellations for Lights & Marquees – Orders over £200- a notice of 3 weeks is required!!
Cancellations to be made giving us a 3 week’s notice.
There may be a cancellation charge of up to 50% of total contract value if notice of less than 3 weeks given.
Cancellations on the day will be charged at 70% of total contract value.
Venue Decor
Quotes provided will only be valid for 7 days, unless specified in EMAIL.
All hire items are in good ‘Hire’ condition, and small marks and wear & tear will naturally be present. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure Items they are booking and suitability for their event and space. The customer is responsible for ensuring the Qtys / lengths of items are suitable for their requirements. We do not go to the venue for measurements. The final quote and order is sent by email, with the description of what is being offered and the price. The customer Agrees to this by paying the deposit. Any typos / errors wrongly priced items will be raised to the customer as soon as reasonably possible. We will not be liable/obliged to provide something written by mistake. Please refer to description of items being ordered on our website.
Parking & or parking charges to be provided by customer.
If you go over the Hire timings as agreed, you may incur charges of upto £30/half hour. If the hire hours are not agreed/specified, the max hire time is deemed as 6Hrs.
Any fabric upholstered furniture which gets stains during hire will be prefessionally cleaned and will be charged back to customer (approx cost is £75-£150).
Leather furniture is easier to clean, however certain permanent marks do no come off and may need professional cleaning, cost will be charged back to customer.
You may cancel for full refund with at least a 4 week notice. Cancellations with a 3 week notice will incur 50% charge. Cancellations in the last week are charged in full.
The customer is responsible for looking after all hire items/equipment. A security deposit will be required for hire of items and services. This is generally refunded with 7 working days, however at busy periods may take slightly longer. Any loss or damage will be charged, even if it exceeds the security deposit amount.
Payments & settlement of outstanding balances.
Full payment is required 1 week prior to event. (or for lights and marquees- on 1st day of hire).Parking & parking charges for our van/s to be provided. In case parking has not been arranged for us, we will park anywhere suitable. However on occasions we may not find any parking and therefore we may park anywhere to ensure your event goes smooth. If we don’t find any safe place, we may have to cancel your job- however you will still be charged in full. Should we get a ticket/fine we will deduct this from your security deposit or reserve the right to charge you for this. Congestion/Toll charges will be charged to customer. No sellotapes to be used on our products!! Any loss or damage arising during hire will have to be paid for.
A deposit and/or credit card / debit card details may also be required as security.
If payment is not received in full by 14 working days after 1st day of hire, a final demand of payment will be made giving further 5 working days to settle all outstanding balances.
If at the end of the 5 days, the amount is not paid/settled, A Debt Collection Agency will be appointed. All the charges of the agency & any other associated costs will be ADDED to the outstanding balance.
In addition, once the debt collection process starts, you will incur a £20 penalty per week for late payment.
The Debt Collection agency may take the matter to court.
For further information or clarification on above, please contact us.