Marquee Hire for Asian Weddings

Marquee Hire for Asian Weddings If you are planning for a marquee hire for Asian weddings, you are prepared to make a success out of your event. The primary purpose of the marquee is that it offers a stylish canopy that offers shelter from the unpredictable weather like strong winds, rain or sunshine. A few people want to hire marquee for their Asian styled weddings. They can accommodate everything from the wedding reception, to the meal and speeches to the disco afterwards. Hiring a temporary structure such as a marquee allows you to choose what you are planning to do… Read more Marquee Hire for Asian Weddings

Booking Mehndi Stages in London

Booking Mehndi Stages in London Mehndi is such a compulsory aspect of Asian weddings, especially Indian weddings, that it is virtually impossible to imagine a marriage ceremony without mehndi rituals and designs. Mehndi is a paste of henna leaves put in a cone-shaped tube with various designs made out of it. Ancient Hindu scriptures mention use of mehndi and turmeric for marriages and other festivities. Although mehndi is commonly applied in women’s palms, these days both men and women wear mehndi designs inside and outside palms, arms, back and feet. Mehndi celebrations are held at the bride’s house or banquet… Read more Booking Mehndi Stages in London

What are the best Halal caterers in London?

Wondering what are the best Halal caterers in your vicinity? The answer is Taj Wedding Services. We are the best Halal caterers, serving Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, and Asian style Halal delicacies. If you have a wedding reception at your place, and if you are looking for a trusted source of Halal food then you should contact us immediately. Halal catering has gained much popularity all over the world. There are various Halal caterers offering delectable food in countries like Singapore, Nepal, Malaysia, India, and the UK among others. The increasing Islamic population in these places have given this kind of… Read more What are the best Halal caterers in London?

Wedding Lighting Is A Must For Asian Weddings

Since wedding is a beautiful and memorable affair in every individual’s life, it is filled with traditions, décor, fun and festivities. Asian weddings are always elaborate and spectacular. Many times, the celebrations continue for quite a few days with lot of people from both families attending the event. There are several facets of Asian weddings like mehndi stages, sangeet, lights, wedding stages and backdrops, gorgeous entrances and decorations, centrepieces and accessories, cakes, catering, wall and venue draping, reception party, flower bed ceremony and so on. Preparations are normally lavish. Lights are integral part of any wedding and a wonderful lighting… Read more Wedding Lighting Is A Must For Asian Weddings

Nigerian Wedding Services

Nigerian Wedding Services A wedding is no doubt a ‘big day’ in every individual’s life. Wedding traditions and rituals vary according to respective cultures, countries, religions, classes and ethnic groups. But the basic essence of every wedding ceremony remains union of two people in marriage and exchanging of wedding vows. Ring exchange, presenting gifts, flowers, money and certain symbolic items, chanting of prayers and religious texts are common constituents of wedding rites. Then there is the public proclamation of marriage by someone in authority like a priest or father of a church. The couple wears special wedding garments, guests are… Read more Nigerian Wedding Services