The perfect bridal hair on your big day

Choosing a hairdresser
If you’re getting married near home, it should be easy to organise a hairdresser. However if you need to find a new hairdresser, make sure it’s someone you feel really comfortable with. When you have a trial, take a picture to see how the style works. Hairdressers will charge according to the amount of work they can do in a certain amount of time, so remember to ask about this too.

Choosing your look
Think about how you want to look: Do you want to look like you do now, or do you fancy yourself as a princess or a film star? Your natural looks have got you a proposal, so they’ve worked for you so far but you might have always wanted to go for the Audrey Hepburn or the Grace Kelly look on your special day.

Hair colour
Whether your hair is natural or you’ve been experimenting with colour for years, an approaching wedding day is likely to send you into a panic about what colour your hair should be. Many brides’ first reaction is to go natural but going back to your natural hair colour is not necessarily the right move.

Finding the right hair colour for you is something that you should start discussing with your hairdresser as early in your wedding planning as possible. It’s important to consult the professionals, as subtle highlights or lowlights in just the right shade can bring out your eyes and add that extra sparkle to your look. Steer away from bold colours though, which may date in your photos.

Some people have a second colour in their eyes (flecks of gold for example). If you match this colour with highlights in your hair your eyes will look amazing. Looking at your skin tone will also help you to choose the right hair colour. If your hair is jet black and you can’t add colour to it, don’t worry as shiny, glossy hair looks equally great.

Working together
You don’t want your hair to compete with your dress: when choosing your hairstyle, make-up and entire bridal outfit, you want to think in terms of a single theme — that way the focus will be on you. Everything should complement you and each other. Make sure that your hair is worn off of your face and that your make-up is fresh. The shape of your eyebrows is also an incredibly important detail.