What are the best Halal caterers in London?

Wondering what are the best Halal caterers in your vicinity? The answer is Taj Wedding Services. We are the best Halal caterers, serving Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, and Asian style Halal delicacies. If you have a wedding reception at your place, and if you are looking for a trusted source of Halal food then you should contact us immediately.

Halal catering has gained much popularity all over the world. There are various Halal caterers offering delectable food in countries like Singapore, Nepal, Malaysia, India, and the UK among others. The increasing Islamic population in these places have given this kind of food service a huge boost.

We at Taj Wedding Services, have always followed the rules that are necessary to ensure that the meat is 100% Halal. With a huge base of satisfied customers in London, we can safely say, without sounding boastful, that we have been able to impress them with our quality of service and with our by-the-book action. When we opened our wedding services, we have often heard people ask, what are the best Halal caterers in London? Now, they come to our place and taste our mouth-watering food.

In case you are a visitor who is hearing the concept of Halal for the first time or who does not know what it exactly means, then here is a brief introduction for you. Halal is a process of meat cutting that is permissible by Islamic rule. In fact the meaning of this Arabic word is “permissible”. There are certain criteria that one needs to follow to ensure that meat procurement is “halal” or “permissible”. Here are the criteria,

During the process of the slaughter Allah’s (God’s) name must be uttered.
It is a given that the slaughter instrument need to be very sharp, so the animal does not feel any pain while dying.
The slaughter must happen by slitting the animal’s throat.
It is necessary that the animal remains conscious during the slaughter.
Once its throat is slit, the animal must be hung in the upside down position. This would allow it to bleed dry. The meat served should not contain any blood, otherwise it would not be considered “halal”.
Only a Muslim, Christian or Jew can perform the slaughter.
The diet of the slaughtered animal must contain natural stuff. It cannot be fed any food that may have animal by-products.
All “Halal” catering services around the world need to follow these guidelines to ensure the propriety of the process. So, if you look for these traits then you will easily get the answer to your question, what are the best Halal caterers?

At Taj Wedding Services we have always understood the difficulty of getting “Halal” meat at a short notice, but we make sure that we take up that challenge and deliver on it. So, do not spend your auspicious day by thinking about “What are the best Halal caterers that can serve within a 100 metre radius in London?” Just call us.

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