Marquee Hire for Asian Weddings

Marquee Hire for Asian Weddings

If you are planning for a marquee hire for Asian weddings, you are prepared to make a success out of your event. The primary purpose of the marquee is that it offers a stylish canopy that offers shelter from the unpredictable weather like strong winds, rain or sunshine. A few people want to hire marquee for their Asian styled weddings. They can accommodate everything from the wedding reception, to the meal and speeches to the disco afterwards. Hiring a temporary structure such as a marquee allows you to choose what you are planning to do on your wedding day.

A few people can have the marquee erected on the hotel grounds offering the hotel the responsibility of preparing the furniture, meals, floral décor, theme of the wedding and even housing the relatives and guests. This is applicable for large weddings that have hundreds of guests. It offers you more time to relax and enjoy the special day. An additional benefit of positioning the wedding marquee is that the guests can make the most of the hotel’s facilities, car parking and accommodation. However, some with a large garden can have the marquee erected there. While it sounds time consuming, it makes room for more freedom for a bespoke wedding.

Erecting the marquee in your garden allows you to make changes on the fly. If the weather worsens, you can move it indoors, or if there are more guests than expected, you can accommodate them in the house. If you have an unreliable caterer, you can arrange for surplus food more conveniently.

Types of Asian Wedding Marquees

There are 2 main types of marquees that are available for hire today – the first is the clear span marquee and the other is the shaped marquee. The clear span marquees are large tents which do not need metal support or guy ropes. Hence, the interiors are clear from internal support framework. One of the main benefits of this marquee is that you can organize the inner space in your wedding without feeling restricted. You can organize anything anywhere. If you had to hire a function room, you could have been restricted by owners or the size and shape of the venue.

A shaped marquee is either hexagonal or octagonal in shape. The main use of the shaped marquees is that they can be used as a secondary marquee that caterers can use for food preparation purposes, as a storage space for a band or as a cloakroom. They may even be used as alternatives to the traditional marquees in case a marquee of another shape is required to be accommodated in the required space. While organizing the marquees, it is important to decide the number of guests that you are inviting, the furniture décor and staging required in order to finalize the size of the marquee that is required.

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