Booking Mehndi Stages in London

Booking Mehndi Stages in London

Mehndi is such a compulsory aspect of Asian weddings, especially Indian weddings, that it is virtually impossible to imagine a marriage ceremony without mehndi rituals and designs. Mehndi is a paste of henna leaves put in a cone-shaped tube with various designs made out of it. Ancient Hindu scriptures mention use of mehndi and turmeric for marriages and other festivities.

Although mehndi is commonly applied in women’s palms, these days both men and women wear mehndi designs inside and outside palms, arms, back and feet. Mehndi celebrations are held at the bride’s house or banquet hall and often the groom’s initials are hidden in mehndi patterns. Women dance and sing traditional songs as part of the ceremony. For centuries, henna has been regarded as a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality. Simple to elaborate geometric patterns are created during weddings, which no doubt attract attention.

As temporary skin decoration, mehndi tattoos became trendy in the West in the late 90s. Skilled mehndi artists have huge demand in the Indian subcontinent and the Arab world and now they are grabbing equal limelight in the West with thousands of Asians staying abroad in the UK, the US and Europe. In London, for example, there are thousands of Indians and Asians and mehndi stages and celebrations often take the center stage before the wedding.

Let’s check out the mehndi celebration and mehndi stage decoration facilities in London before the big day:

In the UK and London, there are scores of wedding planners and services who help prospective bride and groom’s families with a magnificent mehndi experience. Apart from that, there are personalized mehndi and tattoo artists who can be hired for such services.
A colorful mehndi before the actual wedding heightens the fun and excitement. As opposed to freshly ground henna leaves with lighter pigments, readymade henna cones provide darker tinge. Nowadays, black henna with synthetic dye is also popular and the same can be found in many wedding ceremonies in London but it is best avoidable as it can cause serious allergic reactions.
In the night preceding the wedding night, the bride is decorated with mehndi and it’s known as mehndi night. Close friends and family members of the bride get their hands, feet and arms decorated with henna. To mark this special occasion, spectacular backdrops, décor, mehndi swings and stages are made.
Lots of professional wedding services in London are specialists in creating that perfect mehndi stage and backdrop which are exclusive and designer.
Breathtaking scenes and ideal picturesque backdrops are created to make mehndi nights lavish and extraordinary. You get to choose from a variety of colorful and unique mehndi stage colors like green and yellow, orange and white among others.
The priority of customers always comes first, since each mehndi occasion is unique. Mehndi stages, décor and colors are customizable to fit the theme and requirement of individual customers.
Prior to booking mehndi stages in and around London, you can hit the enquiry button and check out the specifications and prices. The price often excludes the setup and transport costs.
So go ahead and get a magical look for your special day!