Where to Hire Wedding Stages in London

Why & Where To Hire Wedding Stages

Every small detail of a wedding ceremony can make the difference, and planning such an event can be both exciting and overwhelming. However, the stress and frustration associated with it should never outweigh the good parts of your ceremony as it is ultimately a joyous occasion. Educating yourself on the important aspects can help you decide on certain details with ease, but hiring the right experts can help to alleviate the pressure of creating a perfect event as you leverage on their expertise and experience. Taj Wedding Services can take care of every aspect to make this special day a success and a breeze.

Wedding marquees

Selecting the wedding marquee is a huge responsibility, and you should always do it with the number of guests in mind. In addition to the tables for the guests, you will need to allocate space for the wedding band and not to mention a few extra tables for the photographers and singers. Think about the wedding stage too, and as well as the lively kids who may enjoy playing around. Although we have dreams of how our ideal wedding should be, it is always worth seeking professional advice to assess the feasibility of your ideas.

Wedding stages

Wedding stages come in various models and is especially needed should you choose a marquee for this big day. Some of them are taller, while others have hexagonal shapes with lights on the sides. Although having a tall stage can be glamorous, it is not advisable as the height might endanger your guests, not to mention about the problems that the ladies might face. If the situation asks for a taller stage, remember to get the stairs and install some safety features around the stage. The height should also be proportional to the marquee size. Taj Wedding Services has the expertise to ensure an appropriate selection to give you an impeccable layout.

Chair and table decorations

Chair and table decorations depend on numerous factors, but they should ultimately flow with the theme of the wedding. In the event that a theme is not chosen, a white marquee is best suited as it matches with most colors. From purple to blue, the chosen color of the cover can further augment the mood of the wedding. The overall decorations should match your flower bouquet and perhaps even your best maids’ dresses too. In order to prevent a mismatch of your wedding colors, it is advisable to maintain a constant communication with us.

General considerations regarding your wedding

  • Although nothing compares to organizing your own wedding, the pressure and inexperience can cause you to overlook a lot of small details.
  • It is advisable to have the same professionals handle the various wedding phases to minimize miscommunication and issues with coordination. Having multiple services from different firms can cause delays and disruptions to the flow of the plan.
  • A wedding service is often a more cost effective and less time consuming option as opposed to dealing with various companies.