Sikh Wedding Lights Hire

The best thing about a Sikh wedding is that it is a larger than life affair. This is what makes it so appealing and unforgettable. One of the major aspects that contribute to the making or breaking of the wedding is the way in which it is illuminated. The collection of lighting is quite varied and contains designs which mimic curtains, nets and icicles. These are very crucial in creating the ideal backdrop with the net lights covering whole items or star lights that highlight the decorative details offering a torrent of light behind.

Muslim Wedding Marquee Hire

Muslim Wedding Marquee Hire Muslim weddings are grand occasions not only because of the food and gathering, but also the elaborate getup. People are gradually experimenting with outdoor weddings to add that splash to their memorable day. Couples should know that other than choosing a good Muslim wedding marquee hire, there are various choices that you can get. The Muslim wedding marquees are available in different styles, sizes and shapes.

Marquee Hire for Asian Weddings

Marquee Hire for Asian Weddings If you are planning for a marquee hire for Asian weddings, you are prepared to make a success out of your event. The primary purpose of the marquee is that it offers a stylish canopy that offers shelter from the unpredictable weather like strong winds, rain or sunshine. A few people want to hire marquee for their Asian styled weddings. They can accommodate everything from the wedding reception, to the meal and speeches to the disco afterwards. Hiring a temporary structure such as a marquee allows you to choose what you are planning to do… Read more Marquee Hire for Asian Weddings

Booking Mehndi Stages in London

Booking Mehndi Stages in London Mehndi is such a compulsory aspect of Asian weddings, especially Indian weddings, that it is virtually impossible to imagine a marriage ceremony without mehndi rituals and designs. Mehndi is a paste of henna leaves put in a cone-shaped tube with various designs made out of it. Ancient Hindu scriptures mention use of mehndi and turmeric for marriages and other festivities. Although mehndi is commonly applied in women’s palms, these days both men and women wear mehndi designs inside and outside palms, arms, back and feet. Mehndi celebrations are held at the bride’s house or banquet… Read more Booking Mehndi Stages in London